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Bangladeshi guilty of bribing policewoman

A BANGLADESH national convicted of bribing a police woman with K10,000 will be sentenced on Friday by the National Court.

This follows the Bangladeshi, Mohammad Abdul Alim, being found guilty by the National Court presided over by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika some weeks ago.

The court reconvened yesterday for the submissions on appropriate sentence or penalty to be imposed on him.

A penalty provision on bribery is a fine or imprisonment up to seven years or both.

During submissions, his lawyers asked the court to impose a non-custodial sentence or a fine as appropriate penalty for the offence their client has committed.

They also submitted that if the court wished to sentence their client, his sentence term should be suspended and he be put on good behaviour bond for a fixed period by the court.

His lawyers submitted that their client had shown remorse for what he had done.

However, the State lawyers, in their submissions, said if the court had to sentence Alim, five years imprisonment was appropriate.

The State submitted that if the court had to impose a fine then the amount should be above K5000.

The State’s grounds for a five-year imprisonment or a fine above K5000 as appropriate penalty for Alim were to serve as deterrence on him and the public. The State lawyers from the Public Prosecutor’s office told the court that Alim had offered K10,000 to a police woman and her colleague officers investigating his case.

According to the State lawyers, the money offer was to induce police officers to return his hard drive containing alleged pirated PNG music and pornographic materials that was confiscated by police.

In the meantime, Alim, who holds a masters degree in business administration from the University of Papua New Guinea, is on K10,000 court bail until Justice Sir Salika gives his judgment on the sentence on Friday.

PNG Today/Post Courier

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