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Gary Lo returns to PNG, apologizes to the Hunters Team

Former PNG Hunters player Gary has returned from England and apologized to the Hunters team for the wrong decision he made to leave them.
Lo’s decision to leave for England last year to join Gateshead Thunder  did not go down well with the PNG Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko and Hunters Team management.

Lo, along with former Hunters players Marx Mexico and Jason Tali plus Charlie Wabo moved to England to start with Gateshead under the guidance of coach, Stanley Gene.

This caused Tkatchenko to say what Gene had done was unprofessional because there was no consultation with either the Hunters management or PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL).

Lo apologized to his fans and the Hunters Team for the manner in which he had left the Hunters and hoped to make peace with them and start fresh.

“I apologize to the Hunters management, the players, and the sports ministers and also to the people of this country. It’s my fault. I made the wrong decision to go.

“I returned to PNG because I felt uneasy after leaving. I just couldn’t cope and struggled at training to keep up with the boys,” said Lo.

He said the Gateshead Thunder is the third level and it is not like the Instruct Supper which is second to the NRL.

Meanwhile, PNG Sports Minister Justine Tkatchenko met Gary Lo at the airport. Mr. Tkatchenko said while welcoming back Lo, “It’s an experience we don’t want to happen ever again. Gary has a huge future ahead of him and personally, I think he is an asset for the Hunters.

“But is now up to the Hunters management to decide on whether Gary still has a future with the Hunters,” said Tkatchenko.

Lo will raise is hands up again for a spot in the Hunters team though he has missed two months of training.

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