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How to get to Mt. Hagen Cultural Show – 2015

By Peter Solo Kinjap  
The World’s Once Famous Mt. Hagen Cultural Festival is scheduled on the second week of August 2015, on the weekend from 15th Saturday to 16th Sunday. It is one of the renowned highlands cultural festivals featuring near extinct cultural dances such as the Kuru Ware Cultural performance to revive. The Kuru Ware dance is performed by the Gaim Engwal tribe from Lower Kaguel area in Tambul-Nebilyer District, Western Highlands Province.  There are more highlands cultural groups performing with their distinct cultural dances at the show. Almost every tribe in the highlands is showcasing their bit of cultural pride at the show. The festival will be much bigger and better with local farmers displaying their produces. Organised agricultural practices in the Highlands is well known before the pre-historical times as evident with Kuk Agricultural Site listed as World Heritage Archaeological Site, continuous land cultural for over 7,000 years ago and possibly 10,000 years of time span. The Yuku Rock Shelter in the Baiyer River area reveals through plant microfossil analysis the cave was occupied by humans from before 14,200 years ago to present time. These evidences telling us that you are about to visit an Ancient country to witness its showcase long-lived traditions of cultures and ways of cultivating the land!    
To get to the festival venue at Kagamuga Show Ground, just next to the Mt. Hagen’s Kagamuga Airport, from Port Moresby it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. You will be picked up by your pre-arranged local tour guides. The local touring guide is Niugini Exotic Tours. If you are coming by road from Lae, Goroka, Wabag, Tari or Madang; you will contact our local tour guide in Mt. Hagen for pick-up and drop-off at your selected accommodation site within the Mt. Hagen City vicinity
Arrival at Kagamuga Airport, Niugini Exotic Tours provides pick-up transport and fully escorted tour guides and drops off at selected accommodation site.  Niugini Exotic Tours suggests three (3) different classes of accommodation you can choose from.  The modern furnished Hotel rooms with meals, semi-modern rooms with local architectural touch Lodges with meals and village accommodation with highlanders having dinner and breakfast with the host family. For your tour guides services for the Mt. Hagen Cultural Show come August, contact Niugini Exotic Tours via email at: howarigc@gmail.com, see http://howarig.blogspot.com 

Muyen Cultural dancers are from Kandep District in the Enga Province and are one the eye catching cultural performers at the last year’s Mt. Hagen Cultural Show. They will be performing this year’s Mt. Hagen Cultural festival in August. Photo courtesy of Niugini Exotic Tours.  

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