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Bougainville releases bodies of PNGDF armies unconditionally

After 19 years of attempt by PNGDF to get the ex combatants to release the bodies of armies who have died during the Bougainville Crisis, today they were finally released and flown out of Bougainville.
It was an emotional day. It was also a prayer answered for families and the PNGDF and everyone who have asked for the release of the bodies since the armies were first discovered to be missing in action (MIA).
The three fallen heroes went missing in action (MIA) on October 22, 1996 by the Bougainville Revolutionary Army during peace negotiations in Siara, North Bougainville.
In 2010, after much searching, contacts were re-established with ex combatants in North Bougainville and it was discovered that the remains of the three members, were in custody of ex combatants in the Hahon and Kunnua areas of North Bougainville.
Former Vice President and Member for Selau Mr Joseph Watawi released the three bodies on behalf of the current and re-elected ABG President Chief Dr John Momis.
President Dr John Momis, Vice President Patrick Nisira, Deputy Speaker Francisca Semoso and other members including the Chief Secretary Mr Monovi Amani with the Bougainville Police Service, received the PNGDF soldiers and officers at the Buka airport.
Mr Watawi spoke with sadness and appreciation of the release of the three armies, Corporal Horace Marco Maino, Private Jimmy Jula and Private Raymond Waia.
He spoke of Raymond as someone who was a good person and also a friend. And that the negotiations with the former combatants to release the bodies were quite difficult but today all things were made possible under the grace of God.
On behalf of the President, the people of Bougainville and Selau, Mr Watawai released the three bodies including those who their bodies could not be located or have floated on sea. He released the bodies from Bougainville back to their families and love ones unconditionally.
The bodies were flown to Port Moresby and received by the Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion.

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