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Henganoffi District to be marked Disaster Emergency area

Henganoffi MP & Police Minister Robert Atiyafa.
Pics courtesy of radioaustralia.net.au
Henganoffi District in the Eastern Highlands Province will soon be a disaster emergency area, after all vegetation in the area were burnt down from the dry spell and the staple food crops for the people has been totally destroyed by this prolonged dry spell currently experienced in the Eastern Highlands Province.
Henganoffi MP & Police Minister Robert Atiyafa said today that after visiting the devastations caused in three villages in his electorate he will soon be making it a disaster emergency zone.
"Sweet Potato or Kaukau has been tremendously affected and my people are currently facing shortage of food because this feed source has seen its leaves and gardens dried up because of the prolonged drought," Said Mr Atiyafa.
"The Dry Spell currently experienced by the country has also had its impact on the Eastern Highlands Province as the weather here is very hot and dry."
The member for Henganoffi also visited the three villages in his electorate that were recently burnt down as a result of the dry spell, saying that he wants the disaster and emergency offices in the country to send disaster officers to his electorate as soon as possible to assess the situation and provide assistance wherever necessary.
"Government intervention is needed as the people are suffering," he said.


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