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Cybercrime law to combat abuse in PNG

CYBERCRIME offenders in Papua New Guinea  will be prosecuted under a new law, PNG's Information Technology and Communication Minister Jimmy Miringtoro says.
He said during the launching of the Cybercrime Policy and Regulation on SIM (subscriber identity module) card registration that Government authorities and the people must fight cybercrime together.
“We have witnessed the increase in supply and demand of mobile communication services as well as growth in the use of the internet, e-commerce and a range of electronic services in the country,” he said.
“We have (also) seen a significant growth in cybercrime offences reported. Cybercrime is now a serious matter. Countries that lack appropriate legal frameworks and institutional capabilities to combat cybercrime provide a haven for offenders to flourish.”
Miringtoro said a key objective of the cybercrime policy was the development of a standalone legislation that would criminalise various acts as cybercrime offences.
The Government has allocated K3.2 million for the development of the standalone cybercrime legislation, its capacity building and an awareness programme.
Department Secretary Paulias Korni said it would address cybercrime.
“The information and communication technology sector in the country has expanded so fast in the past few years,” he said. PNG Today/The National

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