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PNG Opposition ready to topple O'Neill Government

The PNG Opposition is ready to move a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill to have him removed from the position.
This is the confidant message from the Opposition Leader, Don Polye in a press conference this afternoon at parliament house in Port Moresby.
The Opposition Leader outlined four reasons why there was a need for a change in the government;
1. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has breached and abused the Constitution of PNG for self-preservation and glory.
2. Prime Minister has failed to uphold the country’s laws on numerous occasions, including his defiance of police request for him to answer to corruption and criminal charges.
3. Prime Minster has abused the powers of the office of Prime Minister for self-preservation and political mileage
4. The mismanagement of the country’s economy, especially with the loans he is getting that has resulted in level of debt increasing and decreasing size of the economy.
According to Polye, they are in talks with certain members and ministers in the government side and are confident they will have the numbers to oust O’Neill as PM in the next parliament sitting.
This is the first time the Opposition has openly stated that it has the number and that its numbers are growing each day in the lead up to the session.
Meantime, the Leader of PNG Party, Belden Namah and Pangu Party Leader, Sam Basil threw their support behind Polye and called on all government back-benchers and ministers alike to withdraw their support for PM Peter O’Neill and form a new government.

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