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PNG Army assist people suffering from Diarrhoea Epidemic in South Fly

The Weam Border Post area of the South Fly District of Western Province in Papua New Guinea is badly affected by diarrhoea epidemic following the drought experienced in the country.
PNGDF Soldiers under the Commander of Lt. Jokari Degg Dwayne guarding the Border Post at Weam in the Western Province revealed that all water sources have dried out and during this week a child passed away of dehydration.
The Lt. said all food crops are all dying and also the place is very dry making it very difficult to grow new food causing people to travell long distance in search for water.
He said his team has been carrying out awareness to communities of the safeties of using water at this time as the water level of the Torasi River, their main water source, had greatly dropped and is already contaminated as well as the wells.
The soldiers also supplied some of their purifying tablets to the people for them to use with their water, but they said this is not enough to help them.
They are calling on authorities for assistance because the diarrhoea epidemic had already taken its toll in the area.
Lt Degg Dwayne said the drought situation in the area had also affected their operations at the Border, but this does not stop them from showing their presence in the communities.
He said currently the drop in the water levels had stopped their operations by water, but they still managed to reach communities by land providing security and also carrying out awareness to people to prevent the epidemic, while they all wait for further assistants from authorities.


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