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Polye welcomes court decision recognising Agiru as Hela Government

PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has welcomed the court decision, reinstating Anderson Agiru as Hela governor.
Mr Polye said he believed in ‘our judiciary system and that justice had been served finally’ at least for now until the matter returns to court on February 19.
“I always have faith in our judiciary system and that victory has been delivered to Governor Agiru and the people of Hela,” said an elated Polye.
He said the court decision would now defuse a potential volatile situation in Hela that has built up over the past few weeks.
Polye said the government must be equally blamed for the situation in Hela as it took sides with Komo-Magarima MP, Francis Potape.
He has queried why the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has allowed his Deputy Leo Dion ‘to risk chaos in Hela’s leadership tussle’.
Mr Polye has accused Dion, who is also the Inter-Government Relations Minister for ‘pouring fire on the leadership feud’.
Polye said prior to the court decision “The matter was before the Courts. It is a judicial matter. It is not a matter for Dion to decide – unless Dion has decided to ignore the courts – and O’Neill is supporting him in ignoring the courts.”
He said the Prime Minister and his deputy had contradicted their statements over the issue.
“O’Neill has called for its stability as the government does not have the powers to intervene while Dion recognising Potape as the governor,” he said.
Polye asked O’Neill and Dion to start acting responsibly and respect ‘our Courts.’
“Are O’Neill and Dion so blind that they cannot see the chaos that would descend on Hela if Dion recognises one Governor and the National Court recognises the other? Can they not see the risk to the LNG Project and PNG’s future?”
“The government’s recognition of Francis Potape as Hela governor to replace Anderson Agiru before the court’s verdict on the legality of the leadership tussle can be best described as pouring fire on our huge investment LNG Project and risking the future of Hela,” he said.
The Opposition Leader said the reports he received from Hela he confirmed the acting Hela provincial administrator William Bando, describing the province as ‘very explosive’.
Meanwhile, Mr Polye has commended the court for restoring order and stability in the leadership issue in the province.

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