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89 lawyers admitted to the bar

Polished shoes and tucking may not be for everyone but it is definitely for those who wish to maintain professionalism. This was the message to the lawyers who were admitted to the bar in front of a panel led by the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia at the National Supreme Court House.
With different background and life stories but the same passion to practice law, the 89 lawyers from the Legal Training Institute who were admitted to legally practice law in the country to the oath to do so with honesty and integrity.
"Succeeding is tough but success comes with hard work and sacrifice and choosing the law profession comes with a responsibility to uphold the law." Said Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia
The Chief Justice also added there were some lawyers who came into court late, untucked or with coloured shirts hoping their black gowns would hide their improper dressing and such conduct in the profession of law is unacceptable.
He said the prescribed dress code is the black and white outfit and the lawyers to take pride in their profession and show it in their dressing as he himself prefers to keep his shoes polished and wear his gown with pride and honour. PNGFM / PNG Today

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