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Ambassador Rai takes up post as permanent representative of PNG to the United Nations

The former Director General of the Trade Division within the Department of Trade Commerce & Industry, Ambassador Max Rai will soon take up his post as the Permanent Representative of PNG to the United Nations.
Ambassador Max Rai’s four (4) years contract appointment by the National Executive Council as the Permanent Representative of PNG to the United Nations was effective as of July 2015.
He now brings with him to the United Nation’s level a wealth of experience from his exposure to the world from his past employment as foreign diplomat to several countries including China, the Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, the US, Germany and Japan.
Ambassador Rai has been in the Foreign Service for 32 years.
He joined the Department of Trade Commerce & Industryas the Director General for the Trade Division on the 28th of April 2014.
Ambassador Rai from East Sepik Province was appointed as the Director General for the Trade Division on a 12 months contract to specifically organize and set up the Trade Division pending the appointment of a long term Director General.
Secretary for the Department of Trade Commerce & Industry, John Andrias during a farewellluncheon,expressed gratitude to Ambassador Rai for his contribution to the Department.
He described Ambassador Rai’s the then appointmentas Director General for the Trade Division as timely and a divine intervention to have had someone with such caliberand wealth of experience to have worked with the Department.
Mr Andrias saidthe Ambassador has done extremely well by bringing the Trade Division from its previous skeleton staff with limited resources to a fully functional Division of the Department of Trade Commerce & Industry.
“Without your help, I don’t think the Trade Division would not have come this far to where it is now. You have been a good mentor to many within the Department and will be sadly missed”, said Mr Andrias.
Meanwhile Ambassador Rai thanked his former staff for their commitment and dedication to ensure the Division was in par with trade issues both regionally and globally.
“It’s incumbent on all of us to give an honest day’s work and serve the country with great pride. We are in the fastest growing region next to Asia where all its countries are really moving ahead in terms of economic changes therefore we need to be in par with these changes”, said Ambassador Rai.
He encouraged all staff of the Department to give their best to the country, the region and ourpeople.
Ambassador Rai also thanked Secretary Andrias and Minister for Trade Commerce & Industry, Richard Maru for allowing him to attend several high profile ministerial meetings concerning trade at the regional level and globally.
“During my term, we have concluded the MSG Agreement which will be presented soon to other member countries. In Pacer Plus, PNG is concern about how the negotiations were done.PNG has been signing one-sided trade agreements and have gained nothing. Under the current Minister’s leadership, future trade agreements must be balanced. Theseagreements must work in our favor. We are one of the few countries that have abundance of natural resources where everyone is trying to come and exploit it”, said Ambassador Rai.
He warned that PNG has to be very careful when signing trade agreements to ensure both parties benefit both regionally and globally.

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