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Basil Relinguishes Opposition Leadership to Polye

Pangu Party Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil today (Thursday) relinquished the Oppostion Leadership to the court-reinstated Kandep MP and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party Leader Hon. Don Pomb Polye at an Opposition Caucus meeting, which was attended by all the Opposition MPs, except Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah and his party MP Richard Mendani.

Namah in a tele-conversation said to join them later.
Today also saw Sinasina-Yonggomugl MP Kerenga Kua also defected from government middle bench and joined the Opposition. Kua is a second MP after Mendani who joined the Opposition ranks a few days ago.
The leadership relinquishment was announced at a media conference today in Port Moresby, where it was witnessed by ten MPs of the Opposition.
Polye voluntarily reciprocated the leadership when his election declaration was set aside by the National Court on May 02.
This decision was stayed by the Supreme Court on May 24, pending a ruling on its judicial review.
Basil will resume his earlier role as the Deputy Opposition Leader.
Picture: Polye and Basil shaking hands to show relinquishment of the Opposition Leadership.

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