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City Poilce stop NGO-Led Protest

Port Moresby Police have prevented any protest from taking place today at the Unagi Oval after a good number of followers and supporters flocked in to show support for PM Peter O’Neill to step aside and allow investigations of corrupt practices levelled against him.

NGO Activist Noel Anjo said their request for a peaceful march was turned down by NCD Police hierarchy stating that the court order obtained from the courts for any march by NGO’s to protest was outdated when he was asked to show up today at the Police Headquarters in Konedobu.

Mr. Anjo said he will be taking the matter again to the same court to clarify the earlier orders that prevented police and any other organization from interfering with their peaceful marches.

“I will take the matter back to the same court to seek a clarification on the orders it gave and weather the orders are outdated as stated by the police. I understand it is a blanket order that has no time limits,” said Mr. Anjo.

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