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UPNG to hold fresh referendum : Students Fear no threats

A fresh referendum is expected at the University of Papua New Guinea tomorrow.
The referendum is to determine whether the students will boy cot their classes to pursue their protest.
The students also made known that they will NOT back down to any threats issued by authorities or individual.
A fresh Referendum is expected to be conducted at the University of Papua New Guinea tomorrow, (Tuesday 10th of May) to determine whether the boycott of classes will continue, as the current student protests enters its second week.
The students also reaffirmed their stance of NOT backing down to any threats issued by authorities or individuals.
The current student protest has now caught the attention of certain members of Parliament, who've called on students from their respective provinces and electorates, especially those they've paid their tuition fees, to return to classes.
Despite suppression from all angle, the situation at the Waigani campus has intensified since last week.
This time PNG Electoral Commission is expected to conduct the referendum at the university, to allow them to boycott classes.
Last week Student Representative Council have conducted a referendum for a sit in protest which they did, demanding Prime Minister Peter ONeill to receive their petition in person at the Waigani campus.
But Peter ONeill has refused, and instead sent a government team into the campus last week.
This has now ignite the students to boycott their classes.
And in order for them to do that, a formal referendum is required.
Meantime, the students are now getting into their regional groupings, camping out of their dormitories, strategizing and planning on how to go about their referendum. The student leaders wish to ensure every student have a say.
The student body at the University of Papua News Guinea unanimously say they fear no threats.
The entire student body are adamant, they will NOT back down to anyone issuing threats on their studies.
Most of the provincial and regional student leaders interviewed, told NBC News, they are the last hope for the country in the fight against corruption and they will do it to the extreme.
Since the students protest last week, they have received several threats, some from sponsors and administration as well.
Governors of Central and Enga provinces, Kila Haoda and Peter Ipatas have came out urging their students to return to classes.
Vice Chancellor of UPNG Professor Albert Mellam in a statement have threaten students to rest their issues or the entire university will be closed for the remaining academic year.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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