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Foreign Minister reassures allocation of funds to PNG Missions

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Rimbink Pato OBE LLB MP, has acknowledged that there were some discrepancies in allocation of funds to the PNG Overseas Missions and Posts but these have now been rectified.

Foreign Minister Pato said certain components of the allocations to Missions and Posts especially for payment of salaries for national staff which are Overseas Living Allowances (OLA) were incorrectly amalgamated into the national payroll and wages for the LocalEngaged Staff (LES) were not appropriated in the original 2016 Budget allocation.

"My Department staff have been working closely with the Department's of Treasury and Finance to have these anomalies corrected," Minister Pato said in a statement.

Foreign Minister Patoe mphasised that the outstanding Overseas Living Allowances were forwarded last week while the Department's cash ceiling for May 2016 contains additional funds required for payment of Local Engaged Staff.

"In the absence of these funds our Overseas Missions and Posts had to utilise other operational funds available."

Minister Pato regretted the uncertainty and inconveniencecaused to the operations of the Papua New Guinea Missions and Posts Overseas.

"The bumps have been addressed and now removed and therefore we can expect a return to smooth operations again."

Minister Pato reiterated that services of Missions and Posts have neither diminished, nor our resolve to grow PNG's connections in a globalising world.

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