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PM O'Neill calls on students to think before acting

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called on the university students to ‘think before they act’ and not to allow others to use or influence them.

“They will not be there for you when you are in trouble.

“Take it from me. I was a victim of outside influence when I was a student at the UPNG.

“I was involved in student protests and strike because people told us that we, students, were the protector of the rule of law and representative of the silent majority.

“When I was in trouble, no one came to rescue me. All the friends and people who influenced me were never there when I needed them.

“They simply disappeared. I was left to fend for myself. From then onwards, I vowed not to engage in student’s strikes and protests,” he said.

O’Neill further appealed to students to go back to class and resume normalcy in the campus.

“Your education is priority. Do not risk it.

“The matters which you raised are in in the courts. Respect me and the rights of others.”

Meanwhile, other universities around the country have pledge their support to the UPNG SRC leaders and students on their stand. The Divine Word University in Madang, Unitech in Lae, University of Goroka in Goroka, University of Natural Resources and Environment in Kokopo have joined UPNG in demanding Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to step aside and surrender to Police for questioning.  

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