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Talks underway for PNG internet filtering policy

Having no policy in place to regulate and monitor the content of information accessed on the internet is a big problem for a young and developing country like Papua New Guinea. Proper monitoring and regulation of such imposes a great task on authorities responsible. This includes the National Communication Information and Technology Authority (NICTA), the PNG Censorship Board, the Department of Communication and Information plus other concerned authorities. 
With technology rapidly evolving and bringing the access of internet to the fingertips of people via personal mobile phones devices, there is a concern regarding the access of internet by underage children. Although the eligible age is 12 years old for children to own a mobile in the country, there is still a concern for the information accessed by this age group. Currently there is no policy in place to regulate the contents accessible and this means children can access explicit and pornographic sites or be subjected to cyber bullying and internet exploitation. 
A one day workshop organized by the PNG Censorship Board in collaboration with NICTA was held today in Port Moresby to deliberate on ideas that should be taken into consideration for a Internet Filtering Policy in the country. Such policy is not to suppress the freedom of expression or the rights of people to access information but to ensure that people do not abuse the internet and at the same time to protect the younger generation according to the Chief Censor of PNG Censor Board Mr Steven Mala....read more on >> PNG Technology News


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