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University of Papua New Guinea Council suspends Semester 1

The UPNG Council hasannounced the suspension for the rest of Semester 1, which is supposed to end 3 weeks from now. Further to this, the 4,500 students have been advised to vacate the campus within 48 hours of the announcement. SRC President Kenneth RAPA accepted the decision but asked that the student’s air fares be made available within 48 hours. Rapa told students that UPNG Made a sacrifice of its studies for PNG and its future, in front of a supporting crowd of students. 

The Council has replied to the request of Mr Rapa, saying that the students’ airfares back to their home provinces are not the responsibility of the University but of sponsors. In an urgent Press Conference, Acting Chancellor says all facilities will close after the 48 hours. The date of resumption will be the decision of the School Council. This decision was announced to students at the Forum Square this afternoon to a noisy yet unsatisfied crowd of protesting students. . The UPNG Council said it is taking a breather to restrategize the academic year and parents have been urged to be understanding that students signed agreements to follow the constitution of the UPNG and for that the suspension is indefinite.

Meanwhile an exception has been made for the School of Medicine and Health. The council made a decision that the medical faculty will continue to offer its programs despite the situation given the peculiarity of their academic programs which includes hospital blocks and practicals for the medical students. The decision however strongly states that the medical school resumes in a manner that is consistent within the controls of the suspension. The decision also included that the resumption of the university’s academic program for all other faculty at the main campus will be will be upon the council’s deliberation.  PNGFM/ PNG Today

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