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Opposition accuses Government for Alotau trip

Opposition Leader, Don POLYE has accused the Prime Minister for using resource and taxpayers funds to fly the Govt Team to Alotau. In a Press Conference on Monday, Mr Polye claims that the Alotau camp, which is growing in numbers by the day, is funded at a cost of K60M from MRDC and K110M from the Finance Dept. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has denied sourcing funds from the government but he said, his National Congress Party funded the trip. 

The Alotau Camp was further boosted with at least 10 Members arriving yesterday; they include POMIO MP, Elias KAPAVORE, ENB Governor, Ereman Tobaning JNR, DPM, Leo Dion, Kompiam- Ambum MP and Minister, John PUNDARI, Ambunti Drekikiar MP Ezekiel Anisi and Moresby North East MP, Labi AMAIU. The Health Minister, Michael Malabag is expected to arrive in Alotau today. So far a total of 57 Members of the ruling People’s National Congress Party are in Alotau with a total head count of close to 80 so far. The Members will be travelling to the Tawali Resort as it continues on with reviewing its plans for the next couple of months. 

Meanwhile, former Prime Ministers Sir Michael Somare and Sir Julius Chan are with the opposition team. 


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