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Port Moresby Police boss Ben Turi warns of carjacking

NCD police boss Ben Turi is warning all motor vehicle drivers to be wary of carjacking which is already becoming a trend in Port Moresby city.
Turi said from the reports they’ve received, criminals are going around vehicles to steal other vehicles which is very dangerous as most drivers are not aware of being followed.

“Some of these criminals are stealing vehicles just to use as a getaway vehicle after committing a robbery or other unlawful activities and others steal to sell car parts, but whatever motive it is, the vehicle does not return back to the owner and if it does return, it will not be in a good condition”
He said it is too late already when the owner of the vehicle reports the matter to the police and attempts by the police to retrieve the vehicle are sometimes unsuccessful.

However, Turi is urging all drivers to install a GPS system via their mobile phones which is a latest technology where the owner of the vehicle is able to track his vehicle using his mobile phone.
“Technology is right at our finger tips and I’m sure drivers in NCD are well aware off such technologies like GPS so I urge every driver to install that system in your vehicle so you are able to shut down the engine of your vehicle using your mobile phone if your vehicle gets stolen”
He said this one way a vehicle owner is able to retrieve his or her vehicle if it’s stolen or the driver can be able stop the vehicle from moving while the criminals are trying to get away. PNGFM/ PNG Today

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