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Damaru concerned with obstacles

It seems the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Office is faced with more challenges then when it assumed.
This follows a line of criminal cases being either struck out or dismissed by the courts in recent weeks and most on technical grounds.
Speaking to the media this week, Director Mathew DAMARU says the team of investigators have come to a frightening stage where the process of initiating the criminal justice process is now encumbered by an unusual VETTING COMMITTEE, including cases where the Police Commissioner filed an affidavit in support of the case of an accused, Police Prosecutors are threatened for their vigilance in prosecuting cases and the Attorney General purporting to instruct lawyers to appear for opposing parties yet agreeing to the same course.
He adds, as a consequence of these unusual interferences in the criminal justice process, the Fraud Investigators have lost a number of cases.
They are now reviewing these cases and considering the options available under law.
“ What we are witnessing is the frightening emergence of state institutions being captured and used for personal interests,” said Mr Damaru.
He is now appealing to all public servants of the state to FIGHT CORRUPTION without fear or favour.

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