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Huawei launches latest brand ‘P9’

GLOBAL information, technology and communication (ICT) provider-Huawei has just released to the PNG market its latest flagship smartphones- the P9 and P9 plus. The devices were launched by Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch at a gala event held at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby on Tuesday evening. Present for this auspicious event were senior executives from Huawei including its chief executive officer (CEO) Dennis Hou, Digicel’s CEO Maurice McCarthy, senior ministers of government, department heads and representatives from the private sector. 

Mr Pruaitch said he was pleased that since the firm’s entry into the PNG market in 2012 that it had grown to be a key partner of government in rolling out much needed services. He said he was especially pleased to learn that it had a huge research budget which was enabling it to come up with new products in order to meet its customer demand, not just around the globe but in PNG as well. In congratulating the firm on its new line of products he assured also of the Government continued support especially towards the investment it was making in the country. Mr Hou said the firm had started bringing smartphones into the PNG market in 2012 adding this had been through the partnership it had forged with Digicel. He said the firm had gone on to explore the open line market in 2014 and that between 2014/2015 had brought in a quarter of million smartphones. “These phones are easily available not just in Port Moresby but in the other centres as well and I would like to thank the operator, our distributors and dealers for this remarkable achievement.” 

He said the firm is moving towards its goal in becoming the biggest manufacturer adding that PNG would be an integral part of this global strategy. He had assured of more investments in PNG including in ensuring increased customer experience is achieved. “We will focus on brand building in, setting up more store facilities, more incentives to benefit our distributors and dealers. Most importantly we have a dedicated team in PNG and we will grow together with our customers by delivering good products and service in PNG,” Mr Hou said. The stand out features of the P9 boast is that it gives customers the Leica experience and photo quality, great image focus in all types of condition, has an ultra slim unibody with a large display and is able to stay charged for a longer period with its 3000mAh high capacity battery. ...read more on >> PNG Technology News

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