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Electoral Commissioner Gamato happy with 2017 budget allocation

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is pleased with the allocation of K400 million handed down by the National Government to the 2017 Budget lock up today.
Upon making the announcement Secretary for Treasury Dairi Vele pointed out that the Electoral Commissioner and his staff had done an excellent job in running two by elections on a very limited budget.

“K1.21 million is for security alone with the reminding K273 million for the actual running of the elections and if the
electoral commission wanted more they would accommodate.” said the Secretary for Treasury Dairi Vele.
Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato stated that this will enable the commission to buy the election materials for 2017 and prepare budget for the Election Administration.
“We will engage about 30, 000 public servants across the country that’s returning officers, assistant returning officers, polling officials
counting officials a whole list of temporary election workers that we engage to assist the Electoral Commission to conduct election so
most of the components will go towards allowance and the second expenditure will be the transport cost of delivering the election materials
the ballot papers to get them to the polling stations to conduct the election,” said Gamato.
Gamato revealed that the Chief Secretary has assured him of K30 million to be appropriated before the end of this year and this will enable
the Electoral commission to place orders for ballot papers and procure big ticket items with preparation for 2017 for the new wards that have
been included by the Government with preparation for polling stations to be placed.
Meanwhile Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has announced that the Government has announced two separate elections, Gamato stated
that in the past he has mentioned that the Elections for 2017 will run concurrently because it is law however NEC has made a decision
recently to separate the National Elections from the Local Level Government (LLG) elections with a change in date for the LLG elections to be announced and the national election dates remain the same.
“I have now given drafting instructions to the first legislative council to draft a legislation to go to parliament next year in January to March for two
separate readings for a change in the organic law.” Said Gamato
Gamato concluded by saying he is happy with the allocation it is more than enough to host the elections and that the electoral commission is ready and prepared for the 2017 general elections. PNGFM / PNG Today
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