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Juffa lashes out on PNG Health Department on cancer facilities

Northern Governor Juffa has expressed grave concern at what appears to be a lack of apparent concern from the National Department of Health in so far as the spread of cancer is concerned.
Governor Juffa stated that Cancer was killing off many of PNGs capable female workforce.

He stated that the women dying were not just breadwinners but also carers and nation builders and it was becoming a serious concern yet the national Government and especially NDOH was very lax in its approach towards rectifying the matter.

"Cancer is spreading and stalking our womenfolk especially. PNG is losing many young women in their prime to cancer. Many of these cases are easily preventable if detected and treated early.
He added that unfortunately the only cancer treatment facility in Lae is still unable to be effective due to poor equipment and manpower.

“With all the money we seem to have to spend on extravagant international events and overpriced projects in NCD you would think that any thinking caring Government would ensure state of the art facilities and manpower to address this killer disease killing our mothers sisters wives and daughters. But sadly very little attention is given. 2017 budget sees even less money for health,” said Juffa.
“It’s terrible, meanwhile every province needs proper detection facilities and substantial awareness must be carried out on how to detect and treat cancer early,”
Governor Juffa said, prevention is the best approach and we must educate our people how best to avoid foods and substances that trigger cancer."

Governor Juffa who is also the Deputy Chairman for the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service Review has indicated that he would insist that this matter be brought back before the Committee as a matter of urgent public interest to see how far the NDOH had gone to advance the recommendations made to address the lack of equipment and treatment options for cancer patients.
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