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PNG Prime Minister O'Neill thanks Peru for succesful APEC

PM THANKS PERU FOR SUCCESSFUL APEC – Plans for Papua New Guinea to Collaborate with Peru on Drought Resistant Potato Production.

The Prime Minister, of Papua New Guinea  Peter O’Neill , has begun initial discussion with the President of Peru for co-operation between the two countries in developing drought resistant potato’s that can withstand future extreme weather.

PM O’Neill further congratulated President, H.E Pedro Kuczynski, for hosting a very successful APEC meeting in Lima this week and confirmed that Peru’s President will attend the APEC Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby on 17-18 November 2018.

The Prime Minister said Peru is the birthplace of the potato before it was exported around the world, and the Peruvians take a special interested in researching better varieties of potato.
“Our officials will engage with the International Potato Institute in Peru and consider options for develop varieties of potato better suited to conditions around Papua New Guinea,” the Prime Minister said.

“With increased extreme weather brought about by climate change we can expect more weather events that can destroy crops in the coming years.
“This includes drought, but also increased rainfall in other areas where potatoes will need to be more tolerant to changing conditions.

“By working together, Papua New Guinea researches and their counterparts in Peru have the opportunity to enhance our food security, and ultimately save lives in times of drought.”
The Prime Minister said APEC in Peru concluded with a successful summit and Peru has offered to share information on the challenges it faced throughout the year.
“The APEC Summit in Lima, brought together Leaders, Ministers and Delegates from APEC’s 21 Member Economies to discuss opportunities to strengthen investment and create jobs, while also take note of progress to deal with current economic challenges.

“APEC is a very important forum for the region, and as Papua New Guinea plans to host APEC in 2018, we will have the opportunity to advance policy issues and build skills in sectors such as tourism, fisheries and agriculture.
“I thank President Kuczynski for his hospitality and welcoming the region to Peru for this APEC Leaders’ week.
“I look forward to Peru’s President experiencing the best hospitality that we can provide when Papua New Guinea hosts APEC in 2018.
“President Kuczynski has offered to share information on Peru’s year with our planning team, and I expect this will be of enormous benefit to the APEC Authority, Joint Security Task force and the APEC PNG Secretariat.”

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