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Use Education funds wisely : Kehene

Principal of the Gerehu Secondary School Mr Martin Kenehe is calling on schools and other Departmental heads to understand the economic challenges that the current government is faced with, accept the realities and use funds more wisely in 2017.

He said this economic crisis is a global issue where the Commodity Prices at the Global Market has dropped affecting PNG as well..

“So the Head Teachers or Principals should have that understanding and accept what they’ve received and from that, either manage it properly or schools can raise funds to supplement any short falls for that matter” said Mr Kenehe.

Meanwhile, Mr Kenehe said the TFF Funds for this year is the same amount as last year and it is enough to sustain a school for a whole year, however the Department of Education must pay the quarterly funds on time and schools have to budget and use the funds wisely. PNGFM/PNG Today
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