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PNG PM O'Neill thanks United States for Ongoing APEC Security Co-operation

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea  has thanked the United States military for its ongoing support for the hosting of APEC Papua New Guinea 2018.
Meeting with United States Navy Admiral Harry Harris, Commander of the United States Pacific Command, today in Port Moresby, Prime Minister O’Neill said APEC security is a joint operation for every APEC Host Economy and co-operation is taking place with security partners at the highest level.

He said the thousands of international visitors who visit Papua New Guinea in 2018 will experience one of the most diverse cultures in the world in a secure environment that will enable important discussions to take place.
"APEC in Papua New Guinea will be a unique Pacific experience, and will maintain the highest level of security to ensure the safety of all Leaders, delegates and officials,” PM O’Neill said.
“Papua New Guinea is working closely our security partners including the United States, Australia and New Zealand, to ensure we have co-ordination in critical areas.
“There has already seen a great deal of capacity building taking place on the ground through joint exercises and training.

“We are seeing our national disciplined services increase their capacity and this is essential to hosting a successful APEC year and Summit.
“The Leaders of most APEC Members have already agreed to attend the Leaders Summit in November 2018, and they will deliver significant policy outcomes for the region and have a memorable visit to our nation.”
The Prime Minister said Admiral Harris was complimentary of security operations that have already been undertaken at major events in Papua New Guinea as a platform to continue advancing capacity.
“I am proud of the capacity we have seen building in our disciplined forces that has been put into operation through recent major international events,” the Prime Minister said.
“In the past eighteen months Papua New Guinea has successfully hosted APEC Ministerial and working level events, the Pacific Games, the African, Caribbean and Pacific Leaders' Summit and now the FIFA Women’s Under 20 World Cup.
"We will continue to strengthen this capacity through the APEC PNG Joint Security Task Force that will engage our foreign partners.”
Prime Minister O’Neill thanked Admiral Harris for visiting Papua New Guinea and said he looks forward to further high level engagement with the United States.
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