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Australian Police to assist PNG Police verify confiscated Items

The Australian Federal Police will work with local police to verify the status of items confiscated from the Malaysian woman, Anita Ting Siong.

National Capital District and Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, said police have been advised by the woman's lawyer that the items were beauty products.

However, Mr Kalaut said, only further testing will determine the status of these items.

Some of these items were found in the woman's residence while others were found hidden in the speaker of the vehicle she was using.

Mr. Kalaut said they've informed Australian police to have the items tested.

"We are still awaiting them to get back to us," he said.

"Once that's done we will hand over the items so that they can have it tested for us.

"They have advised us that those are face removal or facial products for beauty, but you know we can't take their words for granted.Those items are to be tested," Mr Kalaut said.

"Why! Because we are suspicious that some of these items were hidden in a speaker," he said.

Kalvin Kaspar-NBC News  / PNG Today
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