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Senior Cop arrested with further charges to follow

A Senior Police Mobile Squad unit Commander has been arrested and slapped with three major charges by police in NCD.

Sergeant Steven Numbos, the Squad Commander of Mobile Squad -4 based at the McGregor Barracks was charged for wilful murder of a betel nut smuggler, and for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunitions.

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi said further charges will follow once investigations are completed.

It’s alleged the firearm and ammunitions were in Mr Numbos’ possession as Court exhibits since 2015.

According to the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi, the court had ordered Mr Numbos to return the firearm ammunitions but never did.

Sergeant Numbos, is alleged to have used the firearm to assist criminals in the 1.2 million Kina robbery at the Jacksons Airport last December.

Detectives from the Police Organised Crime Unit based at the Police Headquarters in Konedobu arrested Numbos over the festive season.

Ben Turi said Mr Numbos has been refused bail and is currently locked up at the Police cells at Waigani.

Rose Amos NBC News/ PNG Today
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