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Better discipline for Uniforce : Says new head

The position of university security personnel on the UPNG campus is paramount not only to securing school property but also ensuring the lives of the student body are protected.
This can be achieved via the proper upholding of their uniforce code of conduct, and maintaining discipline.
That’s the word from the new chief of security of UPNG, Mr Matthew Kipott during his official inauguration ceremony this morning.
It is understood that Mr Kipott comes with 45plus years experience in the disciplined forces which he aims to utilize in getting the best out of the security personnel at UPNG.
“It is my aim to encourage more training for the security personnel to bring our force to that of the level of professional corporate security.”
“In saying so, we will endeavour to uphold the restoration of discipline, commitment and efficiency.”
Mr Kipott further added that although the university security force is not in itself a professional security firm, its reputation can be restored through cooperation and any form of undiscipline will not be tolerated.
Meanwhile, this newsroom has been informed that the current standard of security on campus is the one to uphold and it will remain strict as it is to ensure both students and staff access services on campus without hindrance. PNGFM/PNG Today
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