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PNG Sports Minister Tkatchenko thanks World Rugby

Papua New Guinea Sports Minister has thanked the World Rugby for their immediate response and their recognition of the role of his government in the code. "I would like to thank World Rugby for it's immediate reply to my letter, received on January 21, 2017".
"I thank World Rugby for its recognition of the role of the National Government in Sport in Papua New Guinea through the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Foundation, and our concerns as a stakeholder in the Development and Growth of Rugby Union. he said.  As per its letter, World Rugby has clearly carefully considered all correspondences, and therefore made its recommendation. I am committed to assisting PNG Rugby as per World Rugby's recommendations" .

Please note that one of the issues highlighted is the concern that excluding stakeholders does not rectify or move the situation forward to a solution for Rugby in PNG. On that note I would like to also express, as World Rugby has done, that the suspension of Affiliate Unions does not promote the development of Rugby, isolates Officials and creates an environment of suspicion and mistrust. The stake holders in these Unions are the reason that there is a body known as PNG Rugby Union and PNG Rugby serves to assist their efforts to grow the game.
I am also in support of World Rugby's call that the planned AGM set for the 25th of January be cancelled and we proceed with a quick mediation process that brings parties together. Again, I hope that we can be as transparent as possible and we move forward in the interest of all Rugby Unions in PNG.
The recommendations set out by World Rugby is in favor of mediation and resolution chaired by an Independent Entity, in close consultation with the PNG Olympic Committee, Sports Ministry and parties concerned. These recommendations have been expressed to all parties concerned. I would think that any actions that contradict this would be not be for the benefit of Rugby in PNG and I hope that parties take heed. This is a strong direction for all parties concerned to come together leading to mediation.
In consultation with World Rugby, the PNG Olympic Committee and Parties of PNG Rugby, I will hope that the process of mediation can happen very quickly. In the meantime I am assured that the programs of Rugby PNG will continue unhindered as it should be. I am thankful that despite the disruptions, there are people who remain committed to serving the interest of Rugby in PNG and continue to deliver programs and commitments like that of the International Rugby 7s Schedules that PNG is a part of.
"I appeal to both Parties to come together and work with the PNGOC and Sports Ministry, towards a quick and amicable resolution that puts the game of Rugby first" he said. . Media Release
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