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Putting Education on the Table

Students from Boera Primary School thanked representatives from ExxonMobil
PNG Limited for the school desks donated in December 2016: Photo Supplied . 

Students at schools near the PNG LNG plant will be off to a good start when school starts with 500 school desks and chairs being donated by ExxonMobil PNG, operator of PNG LNG.
The schools include Porebada, Boera, Papa and Lealea Primary Schools and Redscar High School which each received 100 chairs and desks recently.
Students from the five schools will commence their 2017 classes with the benefit of an improved learning environment.

“The future growth of the country lies in providing today’s children with a good education and having well equipped schools helps to provide aconducive learning environment,” said ExxonMobil PNG’s LNG Plant site Superintendent Al Sandoval.
“We hope the new desks will motivate students to study hard this year,” added Mr Sandoval.
“The desks will make the children feel comfortable which will help them learn,” said HeadTeacher for Lealea Primary School MrsRanuLari.
MrsLari added that the school was very grateful for ExxonMobil PNG’s support to help build the quality of education at the school.
“I know the students will feel excited about their new desks and it will motivate them to learn and when the students are excited about learning, I’m much more excited about teaching,” saidMrsLari.
ExxonMobil PNG has been supporting schools in Central and Hela Provinces with desks since construction in its efforts to support the delivery of education in project areas. The desks have been either made or bought locally, ensuring local economic growth is encouraged. ExxonMobil PNG has also funded infrastructure projects such as classrooms and teachers’ houses, refurbishing existing school facilities and providing capacity building programs for teachers.

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