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2017 TFF Funds ready for schools

Minister for Education Nick Kuman said the government is ready to deposit the first batch of  Tuition Fee Free ( TFF)  funds for schools around the country totalling K75m.
He assured schools around the monies will be remitted to school accounts before schools resume classes this year.
Minister Kuman said although the country was faced with cash flow issues, the government was committed to ensuring TFF funds were delivered on time.
Sinesine Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua however blamed the government for causing problems in schools by failing to release funds in a timely manner forcing schools to impose fees on students.


Education Minister Nick Kuman was not happy to hear about schools already charging unnecessary fees at the start of enrollments such as project fees and tuition fees on students.
He said there was no reason for any school in the country to charge extra fees on students when the government was committed in delivering its TFF policy.
He called on head masters, head teachers and school boards and their managements to ensure no fees are imposed on students or serious disciplinary actions will be taken upon them.
He was responding to complaints by Okapa MP Issac Waigavara who raised concerns from parents regarding schools imposing fees and causing confusion. PNGFM
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