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Opposition leader Don Polye condemns attack on young Lawyer by Wabag MP Ganim

Papua New Guinea Opposition  Leader Don Polye has condemned the recent attack on a young lawyer in Wabag and has urged authorities to not have double standards.

In a statement issued by his office yesterday, Mr Polye said that Wabag MP Robert Ganim’s alleged attack on a young lawyer conducting pre-election awareness campaigns was most disturbing.

Although the alleged assailant Mr Ganim was reported to have not been the attacker by Wabag police, the Opposition leader said that such instances reflected the practice of “double standards” that is seemingly rife within authoritative institutions in the country.

Mr Polye said that his office had heard a different story on the attack, one that pointed to Mr Ganim being the main person who attacked lawyer Laken Lepatu Agilo.

Although these suspicions are purely based on the opposition leader’s speculations detailed in the media statement, he brought out that there was no reason for the leader to have opposed the young awareness campaigner in the first place.

“Why is Ganim afraid that a simple awareness will make him lose his seat? He is in government,” Polye said.

Ganim, he said, should have reported the matter to the police if there was any substance of ‘early campaign against him’ as claimed.

 “I regret his conduct as unbecoming of someone, who claims to be a national leader. Leadership Code prohibits this behaviour. The Criminal Code also forbids assault.

“I am urging the victim to lodge a complaint against Ganim with the Ombudsman Commission,” a concerned Polye said.

Polye has also called on Provincial Police Commander George Kakas to suspend those responsible.
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