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Prime Minister O'Neill to make public statement on alleged land fraud

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has assured the country of unraveling details and controversies surrounding the alleged land fraud, involving two of his senior ministers, to relocate the Defence Force Lancron Naval Base in Port Moresby.
Mr. O'Neill told Parliament on Friday, he's scheduled a public conference with the media on Monday (06.02.17), where he will give a detailed response to the various questions raised in Parliament, surrounding the Manumanu land deal.
"I will seek all the government departments and agencies to give me a full detail of this so that I can report back to this parliament and to our country, a detailed answer to each individual question.
"I have schedule a public press conference on Monday at 2pm where I'm getting all the agencies to give me a detailed report before I make a public announcement on what actions the government will take".
The Gabadi-Manumanu landowners of portions 406, 411, 415, 422, 423 and 154, claim the 46-point-6 million Kina deal was a fraud, and that they want their land back.
They've also employed the help of the Opposition to fight their cause.
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