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Kua unhappy that Government shames PNG abroad

The shadow Foreign Minister and member for Sinesine Yogomugl, Mr Kerenga Kua expressed shame and disappointment that PNG cannot exercise its right to vote at the United Nations due to non-payment of fees.

Reacting to stories carried by ABC and the Guardian newspaper last week, Mr Kua said, "The world is watching us and the way we have handled ourselves brings shame upon our people.”
"This government has been reckless and cannot hide anymore behind the excuse of commodity prices. When the previous government was thrown out illegally, our economy was buoyant despite the Great Financial Crisis that affected world economies in 2008.”

"This government has used every means to deceive the people of Papua New Guinea into believing that our economy is well managed but too many indications and alarm bells have been going off over the course of O'Neill's reign regarding our true state of affairs.”

"Therefore if the PNG UN Mission has used up its operating costs it also means the Government has been reckless in not funding operating costs forcing the Mission to divert funds.”
Mr Kua further added, "Previous and ongoing elective and non-essential expenditures like APEC, UBS loans (and its continuous refinancing) along with excessive SP Games infrastructure should have been avoided to cushion PNG against the downturn in world commodity prices.”

"Not paying UN fees has destroyed PNG's international credibility and those responsible ought not to be holding high office and should rightly bow their heads in shame.”
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