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Manus Asylum Centre closure set for October

The asylum seeker detention centre in Manus will be winding up in October,  Papua New Guinea Planning Minister Charles Abel says.

The October deadline was set by Papua New Guinea but Australia had yet to say when it should be shut.

Abel said there were various categories of people present at the centre, with different solutions around them.

“Some of them are willing to be resettled, some of them are voluntarily returning home and some are caught in the middle,” he said.

The minister said in a short timeframe, what happened to those people who did not want to settle in PNG and did not want to return home for some reason was an issue that both parties needed to resolve.

Abel said he was not aware of Australia’s response to the closure of the detention centre but said the government was very much anticipating to come up with a better solution.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Australian government would work closely with PNG to address the issues and both countries would solve the issue accordingly.

Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minster for Rimbink Pato said both nations were handling the settlement arrangement with understanding of what they needed to do so that there was no violation or inconsistent conduct in the commitment to the United Nations.
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