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PNG Business Council on SME Policy

The PNG Business Council, said it will be engaging with the new government on legacy issues including getting the right policy setting for businesses to strive and grow.

The council's Executive Director, Douveri Henao said learning from experience, certain aspects of the government's policy intentions were noble but its execution did not include a collective public private approach.

“The entire policy is fine but when it comes to the reserve activities list, that is where the main concern is, because many businesses that are in the market place right now require non-Papua New Guinean linkages in their supply chains and the value chains," Mr Henao said.

"You need equipment, you need materials, you need skill sets, which not a lot of Papua New Guineans can actively participate and contribute," he said.
He said creating a creative activities list for local businesses alone does not encourage local small to medium enterprises' business growth as they lose the opportunity to lose their business. NBC/PNG Today
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