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PNG is in Stewardship, prudent management crisis : Polye

Papua New Guinea  is in a crisis, especially godly stewardship and prudent management, warns the country's Opposition Leader Don Polye.

“We are in a serious crisis. That crisis is about stewardship. We have lost godly stewardship and prudent management.

“We need them so that we can manage our vast resources and our economy well,” Mr Polye today (Tuesday) told over 60,000 Seventh-Day Adventist members at Hatti in Hagen, Western Highlands province.

Welcoming the church’s world evangelist Doug Batchelor and his wife Karen with their delegation, he said PNG needed God.

He added that all the answers for the crisis were found in Jesus Christ alone.

Polye said it was timely for the Batchelors’ visit to the country in light of its election looming next month.

The Opposition Leader stated that the country’s human development index level was low whilst the corruption index level is unprecedented.

However, he said, PNG has over 800 cultures yet its citizens live in harmony and unity.

“The message which you (Batchelor) will be presenting to us is very strategic. It will change us to become a better nation with upright values based on the Word of God and Rule of Law.

“Your message will guide our people to make informed decisions in choosing their leaders,” he said.

Polye said the world was facing unprecedented conflicts, citing the Middle East and terrorist attacks worldwide.

Polye briefly outlined the country’s profile to the visitors.

“We express to you our uttermost, profound gratitude for gracing us with the blessings in the province and the country as a whole. Most Papua New Guineans have been saved and blest greatly by the Amazing Facts’ TV programs.

“Hundreds and thousands or even millions of our people will be blest in this one-week crusade which your ministry will be presenting to our people.

“Let me, on our Parliament and people’s behalf, welcome you because we need the message,” he said.

He said PNG needed divine intervention.

Mr Polye forwent Parliament session today (Tuesday) and his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party’s fundraising dinner this evening in Port Moresby to receive them at the Kagamuga airport.

Picture captions; Polye with SDA youths
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