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PNG's Bootilocious Song video goes viral on social Media

The latest video by local artist Tati Mangi PNG, “Bootilicious” is taking social media by storm.

At 10278 hits and counting this video uploaded to YouTube features semi-clad young Papua New Guinean women shaking their “booties”.

Many have opposed what they call a “damning video” with concerns of “too much flesh exposure” catching the attention of viewers nationwide.

The music is a mixture of island reggae meets hip-hop beats and a catchy dance-along tune has made this PNG song unique and flavorsome.

But it seems the music itself has been left in the background, with more focus on the hotties that grace the front lines of Tati’s video -- with their suggestive dance moves in this wowed-out performance.

The first PNG musician to have bikini babes in a video clip was Demas Saul back in the day but even Demas didn’t make much of an impact compared to Tati’s “bootilicious” girls.

As PNG merges with the changing World we have to ask ourselves, is this a sign of cultural decay, loose morals or are we just following the rest of the modern World? You decide. Post Courier/PNG Today
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