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Polye warns Mt Hagen City authority law

Mt Hagen city, Papua New Guinea 
OPPOSITION Leader Don Polye warns that Mount Hagen City Authority law is flawed and that many public servants will be put under more pressure.

Speaking at the city authority manager Pius Pim’s funeral in Mt Hagen recently, Mr Polye said the health of many other public servants in the province would be affected.

He added that the law was designed only to suit political interests and not the people. “When Mr Pim was in Port Moresby, he (Pim) spoke about working under pressure from this bad law,” said Mr Polye.

“On behalf of our alternative government, our Triumph Heritage Empowerment party supporters and executives, the people of Kandep and my family, I convey my condolence to Mr Pim’s relatives and family,” said Mr Polye.

“We have lost the country’s asset. It is regrettable,” Mr Polye said. Late Pim died due to high blood pressure and heart attack. When in government, he said, he would review the bill to suit the welfare of the people as it was not the case.

Meanwhile, community leaders commended their Hagen-raised son for leading a vibrant Opposition ever in the country.
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