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Strict Compliance to rule of Law for better PNG : Polye

If PNG wants to be a great nation, its leaders and their people must strictly comply with rule of law, says Opposition Leader Don Polye.
Mr Polye said the country’s development status quo could only be improved only through a strict compliance to rule of law and its enforcement.

“Our laws have been breached time and time again. Corruption has reached unprecedented level. All these warrant for a radical leadership,” he said.
Polye said lessons must be learnt from the United Stated of America, citing Trump’s administration tightening laws to make his people great.
He said he did not only want to see a fair and just society but an upright nation as well.
He justified that these attributes must be cultured in PNG to avoid deals like Manumanu and K3 billion UBS amongst others.

“With God’s wisdom, our alternative government wants to make PNG happy, wise, healthy and wealthy.
“When in power, our first 100 days in office will be to reform the public service and the systems of governance,” he told yet another record crowd at Sirunki in Enga province on Friday (March 10).
He outlined that those reformed would be departments, abolishment of Chief Secretary’s post, Public Prosecutor, Auditor General’s office, Ombudsman Commission, Police and Task Force Sweep amongst others.

“Our economy will be reformed into one that is resilient and sustainable with more focus on agriculture and tourism to make our people economically independent,” he said.
Polye said the reform would save over K3 billion for the country’s purse.
He said he would start prosecuting leaders who misappropriated public funds.
Meanwhile, Polye wants to reform Parliament having the lower and upper house.
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