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APEC Authority in PNG Investigates foreign armed men

Papua New Guineans have expressed confusion over a group of armed Caucasian men who were seen openly displaying fire arms in public.
The pictures of the men were posted on the NCD Alert page.
They were seen at Gerehu at the scene of a house that went down in flames 3 days ago.
TV Wan News contacted CEO of APEC Authority Christopher Hawkins to verify if the men were part of security operations for APEC.

Hawkins said this was the first time he was hearing about them. The authority is currently investigating the presence of the men and will further verify information once more intel is gathered.
Meantime it is an offense under the fire arms act to openly display fire arms in public without a proper permit.

The public is being urged to contact police if they see similar occurrences in the future. TVWan News
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