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NBPOL considering new productions

The New Britain Palm Oil Limited says it will be considering other products in its future operations.

This would be apart from its usual palm oil production.
The company says it is also considering coconut oil, and possibly coffee and tea production.
Its Country Manager, Robert Nilkare says, the NBPOL currently exports 83% of palm oil out of PNG.

Mr Nilkare says, the company has 12 mills in five provinces, and has about 79,000 metric tonnes of oil storage capacity in PNG.

The NBPOL is the largest beef producer, with about 23,000 herd of beef, and 8,000 processed brands.
The company is also the only producer of Ramu Sugar, with almost 6,000 hectares of sugar cane, and produces about 40,000 tonnes brand of sugar for domestic market.
NBC News

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