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PNG Elections : Parkop, Agen supportors clash

A clash between supporters of rival candidates in the National Capital District could be the first election-related violence in the capital city.
Rob Agen, a candidate for the NCD Regional Seat told NBC News, his supporters had clashed with those of incumbent Governor Powes Parkop, after he vehicle was blocked off from entering his premises yesterday.
Mr Agen says he was heading to a rally hosted by Mr Parkop at the Wildlife Settlement when the incident happened.
Rival supporters engaged in a heated exchange of verbal abuses, before punches were exchanged and stones hurled at each other.
Mr Agen had all four windows of his vehicle smashed.
He however commended the police for their quick response in diffusing the situation.
"I got in front of my residence, and as I was doing that, one of Powes' vehicle, a Toyota 10 seater came and positioned itself on my right hand side, blocking me off from entering my election base.
"My guys had to had to wind down our windows to tell the guys to move.
"My supporters were already shouting and screaming at this guy.
"I realize the people were already starting to exchange punches with the drivers of some of the cars.
"And then stones starting flying into the vehicles.
"And the vehicle that blocked me off was stoned.
"And I screamed at my supporters and everybody to just calm down.
"You know, people were aggravated.
"But I was doing my best to stop things from getting out of hand."
NBC News/ PNG Today
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