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Police Officers charged with Kimbe killing

Four police officers in Kimber, West New Britain have been arrested and detained at the Lakiemata Jail, for the death of a young man at the Sarakolok Settlement earlier this month.
Among the four suspects is a female probationary constable.

The four officers were charged with the wilful murder of a Clive Nick Sitban.
West New Britain Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, Jim Namora told NBC News that a criminal investigation team from Port Moresby carried out internal investigations and found sufficient evidence to prove that the four accused had operated unlawfully resulting in the death of Sitban.
Superintendent, Namora says there is one law for everyone and no special treatment will be accorded to any member of police force who is found to deliberately act outside the rule of police discipline and criminal law.
The four officers have been refused bail and asked to find their own lawyer to represent them in court.
PPC Namora says the situation remains tense between Kimbe Police and the Sarakolok community, and community leaders are doing all they can to contain it.
NBC News/PNG Today
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