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Candidates in Ialibu-Pangia Throw Support Behind PM Peter O’Neill

The Prime Minster and Member for Ialibu-Pangia, Peter O’Neill, spent the last day of the 2017 election campaign visiting remote rural villages where he could spend time with the grassroots who have elected him at three previous elections.
In front of thousands of people during visits to Kalane Village and Kerapali Village in Southern Highlands Province, he was pleased to also be received by candidates who have thrown their support behind him in the election.

“I was very heartened to receive the support of Mr. John Wama from Kerapali Village, and Mr. Simon Yopai from Kalane Village, both candidates for Ialibu-Pangia Open,” PM O’Neill said.
“It was largely because of their personal differences that prompted them to run in the first place. Now they have spoken with their people and have given their support to me to continue delivering real change in Ialibu-Pangia.
“I welcome these men and their supporters to get behind the delivery of infrastructure and services in Ialibu-Pangia.

“Over the past fifteen years we have changed our district, we have built roads that connect remote communities, we have built schools and we are delivering healthcare as never seen before.
“Ialibu-Pangia is a district where we every one of our people works together.
“The demonstration of support from Mr. Wama and Mr. Yopai was a tremendous show of their humility and their strength of character, and is a true reflection of their stature as true leaders in our community.
“They have placed the interests of our district ahead of the own personal interests, and I will value their views and input in the next Parliament.
“The people of Ialibu-Pangia are more concerned about services than they are about personality, and together we will keep developing our district.”
During his visit to Kerapali Village on Friday, the PM and villagers were entertained by a village drama play that included the story of the Prime Minister’s birth on 13 February 1965 near the village.
“It was really touching that my people would put on this drama performance, and I am so proud to have been born Kerapali Village.
“As a Leader, you can never forget where you came from and the people who looked after you as a child and gave you the strength to become an adult.
“Coming from a remote village, where I did not even have shoes until I was 16 years old, gives you the grounding to be strong and to always fight for what you believe.
“I was born in a place that is rich in community spirit and I grew up in a district where people work together to help each other.
“If the people choose to elect me to be their Member of Parliament for fourth time, I will do all I can to keep progressing our district for a better life for all,” the Prime Minister said on Friday. PM's Media
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