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Baby allegedly thrown out of bus by father in Vanuatu

A one-year-and-seven- month-old baby boy was allegedly thrown out from a bus by his own father in Vanuatu, the Vanuatu Daily Post reports. The baby was rushed to hospital and now receiving medical attention in the Children’s Ward at the Vila Central Hospital for injuries he received.

According to the Daily Post, the incident attracted a lot of criticisms on social media.

Among the many people who have expressed their anger against the father’s hard-hearted actions and pity for the baby, was a young woman and her boyfriend who decided to adopt the boy.

When Daily Post contacted the young woman yesterday afternoon, she said they were still at the hospital, waiting for an approval from the uncle of the baby boy to take him home with them.

Police media confirmed a report on this heartbreaking incident has already been filed with the Family Protection Unit, but no further details on the incident and people involved in it could be released.

Police said the incident is under investigation and anyone involved in this incident will face the full course of justice.

The newspaper got reports  that prior to allegedly throwing his own baby out, the father had an argument with another woman, reported to be his new girlfriend. Vanuatu Daily Post
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