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New tourism product launched on Rano in Vanuatu

A new tourism product has been launched on Malekula. Aiemsandior Cultural and Snorkeling Tour is located on Rano, a small island on the north eastern coast of Malekula.

Unique to Rano, the tour showcases the sacred world of the ‘small nambas’.

Rano is steeped in history with the remains of an ancient nakamal, alter, and refuse heap, the Tourism Marketing Advisor at the Malampa Tourism Office, Ana Terry, stated in a statement.

“Be transported into their ancient world with traditional custom dances, weaving, and food preparation demonstrations followed by hands-on interaction with the ‘small nambas’ ancestors as they sung into the ‘koko nambo’’or bamboo stick.

“The tour ends with local refreshments including organic fruit, laplap and fresh coconut juice,” said Terry.

Rano is only five minutes ride from mainland Malekula.

 LoopSamoa/Photo by Malekula Tourism
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