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PM O’Neill: We Borrow to Build Infrastructure - The Only Way to Build a Stronger Nation

PNG Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill  has called on people to think of their families when they vote and not listen to negativity and lies from people who have failed the Nation in the past.

Speaking at a PNC Campaign rally in Goroka for Eastern Highlands Governor, Julie Soso  the Prime Minister also condemned an attempt to cause disruption by supporters of other candidates, that was resolved peacefully.

PM O’Neill also cleared the air on some of the negative and misleading claims by former leaders who are now part of one-and-two-man parties, who he said have no real policy platforms, just misinformation and disruption.
“These political has-beens should clearly state their vision and policies for the country, but instead they continue to play in the mud,” PM O’Neill said.
"All they are doing is getting themselves dirty as they attempt to tarnish the names of other leaders and candidates.
"It is time to stand up to dirty politics, it is time to stand up to intimidation and it is time to stand up for your children and your families.
“Vote for the party with real plans for our country and our families.
“Our policies have delivered over the past five years and changed lives, and we will deliver again for our families in the next five years of Government.
“When it comes to the economy, we are in a stronger position than we were five years ago, and our economy is still growing.
"We have some of the smartest people in the country advising us on the economy, and we are recovering from depressed global conditions and the damage caused by drought.
“We borrow to build infrastructure, all countries have to, how else could we re-build the Highlands Highway, new Hospitals, schools and university campuses?
"This vital infrastructure cannot be funded from the annual budget.
"We borrow at concessional rates and we pay the loans back on time.
"The Opposition want to stop all this, so if they ever get into office, the Highlands Highway will fall apart again, and we will not see any more hospitals, schools or university campuses built, just like it was in the Morauta and Somare years where nothing happened.
"Banks only lend when they know a country can pay the loan back, and Papua New Guinea has never defaulted on a loan.
"So don’t listen to lies and people who have proven that they are all talk and no action.
"The debt level of our country currently stands at around 22 billion Kina and this is well below 35 per cent of our GDP.
"By global standards we amongst the lowest debt to GDP ratio countries in the world. Many similar size economies are three and four times that ratio.
“So don’t listen to desperate politicians who continue to mislead our people and have no policies of their own.”
The Prime Minister also said the rally in Goroka saw a terrible display of dirty politics and unacceptable behaviour by supporters representing other candidates.
"Thousands and thousands of supporters of PNC party flocked into Goroka Town to welcome our delegation.
“But there was an attempted interruption by a few supporters of other candidates trying to disrupt the campaign rally.
"These few individuals were brought under control by the 'sea of red' asking them to leave and the disrupters quickly left the area.
“Our country has moved on from these tactics, and I hope other candidates will take note of this and take part in the elections in the right spirit."
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